Pretty Public Body Dry Brush
Pretty Public Body Dry Brush

Pretty Public Body Dry Brush

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Your skin is your largest organ; detoxify it daily with our 100% natural, boar-bristle, Pretty Public Body Dry Brush. Our brush can boost circulation, lymph flow, minimize the appearance of cellulite & help skin glow. 

The bristles of this brush are the perfect texture, not too soft and not too tough. The "just right" bristles of our brush encourage regular use, while having enough strength to promote improvement of the skin.

Along with the benefits listed, dry brushing helps to exfoliate dead skin prior to showering. This allows the oils of any Pretty Public Body Polish to really sink in and hydrate the skin. 

HOW TO USE: For best results use daily, on dry skin, prior to showering or bathing. Begin at your feet and move the brush up the body in sections. Moving over the legs, thighs, buttocks, and stomach, in sweeping motions, towards your heart. Always brush upward towards your heart. Move to the tops of the hands and brush up the arms, again towards the heart. Dry brushing vigorously with pressure is not necessary or advised. Consistency is the key and the dry brushing process should feel comfortable and energizing every time. 

DETAILS: 100% natural, boar-bristles, polished wood, linen handle. 

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